Post 350

Post 350 is about the leak at work.  When we got to work yesterday, we saw that a small puddle had formed on the carpet at work.  We called environmental services to clean it up, since we thought that someone had spilled something over the weekend.  No one showed up.

Seemingly unrelated, the women’s bathroom toilet started to overflow, so we called engineering to deal with that.

After a few hours, we realized that the puddle was getting larger.  We called engineering to deal with whatever was causing the leak.  They couldn’t find it.  I left for the day.

Today, when I came in, the puddle was still there.  Engineering came in and found that it was from the toilets.  They called Roto rooter in to fix it.  I bumped into one of the guys from engineering.  He offered to let me see the video of what was clogging the toilets.  Ew.  No thank you.

After it was clear, I called environmental services again.  “I cleaned it up yesterday.  Why is it wet again?”  Well, we just wanted to see your smiling face.  Could it be that the water was still flowing until Roto rooter came out?  Maybe?

I hope tomorrow brings a drier, cleaner carpet for our department.

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