Exciting Thursday night

My daughter does much of the cooking. Somehow, she managed, on two different occasions to crack a Pyrex baking pan. Not only crack, but pretty much cause an explosion. Thankfully, no one got hurt.

We stopped using the smaller oven because there are so many little pieces of glass left inside of it . We haven’t been able to clean it fully, because of my dad being too ill to handle the smell of the oven cleaner.

It takes four hours to run the oven cleaner and we never knew when dad was going to be up and about, so we couldn’t take the time to do it.

Since dad wasn’t home, and I got home early, we took the opportunity on Thursday. I wiped out the glass and started the cleaner. It smelled horrible, but it had to get done. We cooked a lamb roast that night in the clean oven.

It went so well that I did the lower oven Saturday night. It was a thrill a minute. We haven’t used that oven since it was cleaned, but we are all set again.

Definitely an exciting weekend.

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