Trip to visit dad

I have had a meeting scheduled and rescheduled since before my trip. We just can’t get our schedules together.

It was rescheduled from yesterday to today again, and then from this morning to this evening.

I planned on picking up cream puffs for Dad and visiting him. It’s a couple of stops past where dad’s staying, so I went there first. I found out that they were closed for remodeling. I got him ice cream instead.

I arrived at Dad’s room to find him picking at his lunch. He said hello and fell sound asleep. Apparently, he’d been agitated last night, so he was given meds. He was still sleeping them off.

My mom and her cousins were visiting Dad, too. We decided to grab lunch at cafe mystique, since he was sound asleep.

After lunch, I headed to the main library to wait for my meeting. I found several $1 books that I needed.

The bathroom attendant was listening to something loud, so I asked if it was an audiobook. Nope. She was watching ex on the beach.

As I was leaving the library, I noticed that someone was watching porn on the library computer that was intended for word processing. He has a thirty minute limit, at least. I was also passed by a guy wearing duct tape on his face. It was completely covered. Security commented on the duct tape… You wouldn’t be in the library if you didn’t see something odd, especially in San Francisco. I always see something odd.

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