Mazatlan top ten

We went on a tour of the top ten things to see in Mazatlan. I only managed to count 9. Sorry about the out of order photos and the sideways videos.

  1. Feeding the frigate birds (pirates of the ocean/sea). I didn’t feed them because you had to tip the fishermen, and the birds reminded me of seagulls. We know better than to feed seagulls. Frigate birds don’t swim or get wet. If they get wet, they drown. They have no oils in their feathers.

2) The cliff divers worked for tips. They dove off a 45 foot platform into 4 or 5 feet of water.


Cueva del Diablo is where they used to put people on their way to jail. It’s named that because of the sulfur inside, and the original discoverer decided that he saw the devil in there. They gated it up so that others didn’t get stuck in it.

3) The church of immaculate conception had a ceiling of gold, but they didn’t tell us that until after we’d left it. Otherwise, I would have looked up.


4) market – like flea market, 4 cats in the stall

McDonald’s “100% leche de vaca” makes me wonder what other kind of milk they’d be using

Use the restrooms in the bakery

Flower market, shrimp market $200 per kilo ($180/$10US)

5) aquarium – we briefly drove past it.

Not on the top ten, but we passed the library. I know I could have spent an eternity in there, though.

6) baseball stadium

7) show





7) shopping area. We really just got lunch in the shopping area. No time to do anything else.


9) Pacifico beer factory was on the trip. Stores were all over advertising the beer

John Wayne had a home in Mazatlan so he could fish.  John Wayne was 6’5″  The tour guide tells us the the photos from this time were funny because “The local Mexicans were only 4’10”

Hotels will cost you $350 a night ($20USD)

This is what happens when you trust the guy behind you who says “I can get the whole thing!  Let me do it!”

10) Lighthouse with the observation deck

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