First day back

We took Dad to the hospital yesterday.  They admitted him.  He is still very weak.  He won’t be coming home home.  They found a place for him to stay, but they need a bed there first.  It may be a couple of days.

I had warned my coworkers that he went in, and they have been wonderful about it, as usual.  They had to listen to my cruise stories, and my dad stories, and about me worrying about the friend who was supposed to go on the trip with me.  My neighbor also told my mom that one of the cars has a flat.  Great.  Something else to deal with.

I was originally going to get my nails done today, but I felt that I needed to rest more than declaw myself.  I went home and did the usual stuff.  Garbage and recycling out.  Entertain the cats.  Do some laundry.  I also feel like I am catching a cold.  I hope it’s just exhaustion from hanging out at the hospital all day yesterday.  I won’t be making PE class tonight.

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