Rhythms of the night – Puerto Vallarta

We had a second excursion in Puerto Vallarta, since the first one ended after lunch.  We took a rocky boat ride to Caletas, such is a 45 minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta. We went to have a buffet dinner and saw a show.

Sorry some of the photos are out of order.

My daughter wanted to go whale watching, but we didn’t sign up for that excursion. So, she used the ferry boat as a whale watching trip. She didn’t see whales, but she saw frigate birds, a bat ray, and a school of dolphins.

Here is where they took us.

My daughter is afraid of birds, even people dressed as birds.

The table setting for dinner.

It was starting to get a little rocky and rainy when we arrived.

The stage for the show.

The beginning of the contortionists.

After the show, we got back on the ferry boat.  It had started to rain, and they hadn’t let us use the restroom before we got on the boat.  We had to hang on tight.  There was no lock on the bathroom door on the ferry, so we all took turns holding the door closed.  It was a struggle to get pants up without falling out the door.

My daughter and I went upstairs on the ferry where it was open.  Only about ten people went up, so downstairs was super crowded.  It was rocky, so unless you were sitting on the wet seats and hanging on tight, you were up and dancing.  Several people just decided to dance for the 45 minute ride back.  The upstairs people had a great time, even though we got wet.

Several people downstairs got seasick. The dancers did not.  We had a great time!

When I got back to our room on the ship, I found out that my zipper was down.  I was concentrating so hard on not falling out of the bathroom that I must have forgotten.  Good thing it was dark!

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