Puerto Vallarta

We took an excursion in the morning that we were in Puerto Vallarta.

The tour guide told us “If you’re the type that asks questions, don’t. I have exactly 149 English words. I am almost at the end of them now.” He spoke English perfectly fine.

We learned that people from Puerto Vallarta are called “Salty feet” because originally, all the homes were 50 yards from the beach.

We saw the Corona factory.

We went to two tequila places. The first one, we tasted six tequilas- Blanco, resposado, anejo, peach, chocolate, coffee… We also tasted habenero sauce, coffee… $11 lunch


A hotel in Puerto Vallarta will cost you $595 a night ($45 USD)

Second tequila factory – We tasted Blanco, resposado, anejo, vanilla, jamaica, walnut, coffee and chocolate, almond.  I bought jamaica, coffee and chocolate, and almond tequilla.


Cocoa tree

Jackfruit tree

The guy teaching us about tequila, and one of the waitresses.

homemade tequila

The entrance to the city


I find these wherever I go.


mango tree

almond tree

The flags interested me.  Turned out that it’s a pizza place.

The Basilica.

Unfortunately, it was a rocky trip on the final day of the trip. The coffee and chocolate bottle of tequila broke.

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