Back at home

When I was away, I got a message that my dad fell at my brother’s house. He slid and ended up sitting on the ground in the bathroom. My brother was able to get him up, but we’re now aware that he fell.

We arrived home in the early evening yesterday, unloaded the luggage from the car and I surveyed the damages that the family managed to do while I was away. A few grocery trips with the cans not put away, laundry, dishes, etc. Between unpacking and catching the family up, I was finishing up the little things that didn’t get done.

I realized that I am still moving with the ship. I looked on the Facebook group and many people from the cruise mentioned that they aren’t feeling well and maybe they weren’t really seasick that last day.

I cooked dinner holding on to the kitchen cupboard. I felt dizzy. I decided to go to bed early. Just as I’m about to get into bed, my mom called. Dad had fallen again. Onto the bed, face first with his legs hanging off. We managed to roll him over and sit him on the floor. I got behind him and sat on the bed and managed to seat him on my lap. We got him up with the walker from there.

Mom had apparently already, with the first fall, discussed finding a place for him with the case worker. Of course, the case worker was on vacation and hadn’t found a place yet.

I think today, they are taking him in to get him rehydrated. Hopefully, they’ll find a place for him next week. Last night was rough on everyone.

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