Best laid plans

I have had a cruise planned for months. My friend who was supposed to go with me got sick at the last moment. I didn’t find out until I was essentially on the way to the airport.

Because the reservation was in my friend’s name, I called the cruise line to make sure I wouldn’t have trouble getting on the boat without him. I found out that he had been awarded a discount because he had been on so many cruises in the past, and I would have to pay the discount back when I got to the cruise terminal. They asked me if someone would be taking his place. It turned out that I would have been paying the same amount if I went alone or if my daughter went with me. We couldn’t get a last minute flight for her, though. We thought and thought.

I was planning on going alone. Crying. I mentioned it to my co-workers who asked why we didn’t drive the six hours. That’s doable! So my daughter, with three hours notice, packed and shopped. I called the airline and booked a hotel. We were on our way!

Thankfully, I have a daughter who is willing to do last minute things.

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