Slow news day

It hasn’t rained here in a while.  We’ve been in drought for years.  This winter, the universe is making up for lost time.  Unfortunately, the heavy rain came on a slow news day.  At the beginning of the news, they showed a large sinkhole that had gotten an SUV.  They showed pictures of the pipe that caused the sinkhole, and reported that the pipe had been laid in 1902.  Roosevelt was president.  Apparently, who was president was an important thing for this sinkhole.  Then, they went to surprise that the pipe broke after 117 years.  “After all this time, what caused the pipe to break?”   Well, could it have been that it’s a 117-year-old pipe?

The next story was about an Acura that got stalled trying to drive through a puddle.  “Well, I saw that a large truck went through it, so I thought my car could, too.  I do it all the time.”  Well, your car is lower than than the truck.  Then there was five minutes of video of the Acura being towed out of the puddle.

There was the weather report.  Rain.  Storm.  More rain.  Flooding.  Snow where it normally doesn’t snow.

Then there was a story about a police cruiser stalling in the puddle.  They didn’t show video of it being towed out, but they reported that it got towed.

When they broke for commercial:  “Coming up… more updates about the rain”

There was 45 minutes of only rain coverage.  There was a tiny blurb about Kaepernick not being appropriate for black history month celebrations, so that was briefly touched upon.  I turned the tv off after that, so I don’t know if they had more rain coverage or not.  I guess there wasn’t much else going on.

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