Off on a tangent from the license plate saga

I had a saga with getting the license plate fix it ticket signed off.  I got a bill in the mail today to pay the ticket.  I am going to wait until tomorrow to call and make sure they received it.  I suspect they crossed in the mail.

But, the other car issue I had was for the car that we have to jump start to move.  It got to the point where it became evident that we needed to donate the car.  It isn’t running and the battery is dead.  It needs a complete engine overhaul, and the mechanic told me that it’s time to call it quits.  OK.

The problem is, there was a radio in the car that has sentimental value.  I have been waiting to donate the car until the radio is out.  I asked a friend to help, and through a series of events, it didn’t happen.  I asked a second friend, and he said he would, but he needed a couple of days.  No problem.  He was going to come last week, but found out that he needed a specific tool.  Amazon carried the tool.  Great!

I ordered the tool on Thursday morning.  Saturday morning delivery was guaranteed.  Saturday morning arrived and Amazon alerted me to the fact that the package was delivered.  It was not.  I was told to wait 36 hours before asking them to search for the package.  So, I ordered another tool, since it would arrive Monday.  I figured that I would either get the original package or the new one, and could return the other one.  Both packages arrived today.  I already printed out the label to return one.

I texted my friend and he was here within two hours.  It took a few minutes for him to get the radio out, but it’s out!  Now I have to contact the car donation place and hope they can come get it by Wednesday afternoon, so I don’t have to jump start it again for street cleaning.  To be continued…

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