Salt shaker

The woman who normally runs our front desk at work also deals with many of the kitchen tasks.  She had surgery and will be out for several more weeks.  She’s already been out for several.

Yesterday, I went into the kitchen at work and found that the salt shaker was empty.  I filled it and then I texted the front desk person, joking, telling her that she needs to drop by, since the salt shaker is empty and she needs to fill it.  She laughed.

I mentioned to some of my coworkers that I had texted.  Most laughed.  One told me she filled it last time.  One actually said, “Oh, I saw that it was empty, but I didn’t know where we kept the salt”  Really?  There are only a few cabinets, and it is sitting right on the front part of the shelf, in the cabinet above the sink.

At least some of us are self sufficient enough to figure out the salt shaker.

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