3 a.m. Cardio workout

I have had a cough for several days. My sleep has been disturbed by it. I found that I sleep better when I sleep propped up. The problem with being propped up is that I snore.

My bedroom is right off the kitchen. I was sound asleep and my daughter decided to find something to eat at 3 am. She stopped in my doorway to wake me up to get me to stop snoring.

I was so sound asleep, I was disoriented. My mostly asleep brain sat me upright and I screamed. My daughter jumped, but was awake enough to not scream back. She asked me why I was screaming. “There’s someone standing in my doorway at 3 am.” She nodded and told me it was her. She calmed me down and I managed to get back to sleep, eventually. Middle of the night cardio workout?

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