Productive day

I was originally supposed to be meeting a friend this morning, but he cancelled just after midnight. I turned my alarm off and slept in. I also had bookclub scheduled, but I spent several hours coughing and decided I needed to stay indoors today.

I ended up not finishing the book for bookclub. I decided to start some projects.

The dishes were screaming my name, so I started with those and along with the dishes came the compost, recycling, and the garbage.

Since there was room in the recycling and garbage, I emptied bathroom and bedroom cans. I started cleaning my room to start filling the bedroom cans again. I stripped sheets and started the laundry.

I got the last pieces of my tax forms on Friday. I finished up the last of my taxes and got them filed. Huge weight off my shoulders.

While I was working on them, the laundry was working on my sheets, then blankets. Woohoo! Fresh sheets!

I cleared the rest of the books off of the bed and put the sheets and duvet on the bed. I reset the cat beds and took a shower.

Inky tells me that I need to lie down and rest so I might get my cough to go away. Plus, I can work on my books.

I still have to get my throw blankets from the drier and get my clothes ready for tomorrow. Minor stuff. Time for a nap.

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