My friend asked me if I wanted to blog, sure why not learning experience right? I have no idea what made her ask me though? Nonetheless I’ll give it go! Thanks B

I woke up this am sick as a dog, literally out of nowhere. But I’m back at the gym of course News Years Resolution I must go for fear of loosing momentum. Right or wrong I have no clue? I had a great workout always start with the treadmill did I happen to mention how much I despise cardio? Regardless I’m sweating good start! Onto legs. By the time I’m done exhaustion hits must get meds, tea and food.

I walk in the door ready to inhale some food of course that’s not happening, dog needs a walk. No sense in getting undressed since it’s raining out and he needs his coat to. Naturally the rain picks up causing us both to get soaked what a surprise. Finally after another 30 minutes food, tea and shower! I must take meds and nap. Mission accomplished.

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