Leaving Las Vegas

The last day in Vegas is always a quiet one. We are generally exhausted by the last day. I still had to pack and get my stuff to the bell desk so we could wander around without our luggage after we checked out. We set the alarm so that we wouldn’t oversleep. At 9am, the alarm roused me from a DEEP sleep. Ok. Ok. Ok. I’m up. I’m gathering my stuff.

Housekeeping knocked at the door at 9:02 am. Really? You’re wanting to clean the room now after not showing for two days?

We had breakfast after we checked out. Then we all did our own thing for a while. We made the mistake of not looking at the denomination on the slot machine and blew through $20 in one pull. Well, that wasn’t fun.

At about 2pm, two of us ended up at happy hour. We had bbq pork tacos, fries and housemade fireball. Yum! It didn’t taste like cinnamon syrup, just cinnamon.

After happy hour, we found three of our group sitting in the food court with one of them sound asleep on the bench, waiting for the time to leave for the airport. I did what any good friend would do. I took a photo and sent it to her wife. I didn’t post it for the world to see.

We caught Lyft, said goodbye to the one who was staying one more day, and we headed to the airport. We had different flights, so we say around, waiting at the airport after a smooth check-in and security check.

I walked around and found souvenirs since I didn’t do much shopping during the weekend. All but two of us at the airport got on the first flight home.

I wandered down to my gate and had about fifteen minutes to wait. I got on the plane and ended up sitting next to two small boys who were already in the middle and window seats. They had one iPad between them. They were arguing a little bit over what to play. The last two women on the place voiced theirs complaint that there weren’t two seats together. The flight attendant basically told them to deal with it and sit down. I started reading with myself about what to do on the plane, sleeping vs reading vs blogging. As soon as we pulled away from the gate, the two boys lost Wi-Fi so they decided to sleep. I decided to sleep since they were quiet. I woke up twenty minutes later and worked on the blog from the previous days. No reading got done.

When we landed, the boy in the middle seat tried waking up the window seat boy. It took quite a bit to wake him. When I finally stood up, I could hear the flight attendant arguing with a woman who wanted to get off rear door. The rear door isn’t attached to the gate. Not happening lady.

I got to baggage claim and called my daughter to get me when the bags started moving. I waited inside for her once I got my bags. I was standing with a woman with a small child and a lot of luggage who was waiting for her husband. She moved outside when I did. She left her son with the luggage and ran a few yards down to see if her husband was there. Her husband had parked far away. She was making trips with the luggage and her son kept following her back and forth. Finally, the husband gets out of the car. He looks very familiar. He works in the same building with me. What a small world!

My daughter arrived after being lost for a little while. We loaded up the car and were on our way. When we got home, I half unloaded my suitcases, set the alarm, and went to bed, since I cancelled my day off for the next day.

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