Day two in Vegas

I attempted to shower quietly while my roommates slept. I got up and found that what I needed wasn’t in the suitcase I had opened first. So I had to go searching. I found everything and managed to get in the shower. I realized that much of my stuff was either brand new or expired. I threw some items out. Each time an item hit the metal garbage can, it sounded like a gong. Even a piece of paper. Gong! Gong! My roommates slept through it, though. One said he heard it once, figured out what it was, then went back to sleep.

We went to a cheap breakfast buffet which was fairly good. For Vegas it was cheap at $9 a person.

We went to the beef jerky store. The whole store was dried foods.

We went back to gamble at the place that three of us hit a $100 prize within ten minutes. That was a nice surprise. We picked up our luggage to move it to the hotel where the whole group was staying the last three nights. We met up with the fourth member of our group of eight.

Forth hit a $100 bonus soon after her arrival. Amazing!

We were supposed to go to see a Bon Jovi/Guns and Roses cover band. Before the show, we went to The House of Blues for dinner. I had shrimp and grits. Yum!

We picked up a fifth person. The sister of one of the group. The show was crowded and hot and we lost two of the five before we even got in. The other three of us went in. We waited an hour. We gave them three songs before deciding that the show was awful, so we left.

The fifth member of our group arrived and we went to the country bar. I was amazed that I knew about half of the songs. The sixth member arrived while we were in the bar.

I wandered off to go gamble a little. I hit a $200 bonus. Surprise!

I decided to take the win as a sign to go to bed. My very drunk roommate was trying to open the door but ended up banging on the door at 230 am. And, she had her arms full. I asked what she bought “this is Vegas! Don’t ask me questions I can’t answer” The stuff was coffee cups and other coffee items we would need for the morning. I went back to sleep and woke up at 7 ish.

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