Packing for my trip

Last night, I started packing for my upcoming weekend trip with friends. I got some packing cubes and new suitcases. I was trying on clothes as I was packing, since many of my clothes don’t fit anymore. My daughter was helping

I tried on my favorite dress shirt and it still fits! Into the packing cube it goes! I found a light purple shirt that I loved, but I didn’t remember why I didn’t wear it last time I packed it. When I put it on, it fit beautifully, but was horribly wrinkled. That’s why I didn’t wear it.

My mom got a small clothing steamer for Christmas, so I asked if I could pack it. Into the suitcase it went with my toiletries. I got most of the things on my list into the suitcases and packing cubes. Suddenly, I realized that I couldn’t find the light purple shirt anywhere. I was opening cubes and checking. It wasn’t in any of them.

Finally, my daughter asked what I was looking for. I told her. “You’re still wearing it, Mom.” Well, what do you know? I was!

I still have a few things to pack, like my charging cables, daily toiletries and books. They’ll get put in just before the flight.

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