Another day out

I was supposed to meet a friend, so I wandered down, by public transportation, to the meeting location. My friend got called in to work at the last minute, so I wandered around the farmer’s market.

A gentleman asked another patron, “Do you have a dollar for coffee? No? Can I buy a cigarette from you?” That cracked me up. The guy didn’t have money for coffee, but he did have it for a cigarette. Priorities.

I headed back to pick up a friend to go see Aquaman. The movie was good. I am glad I took the time to see it in the theater.

I had texted my errands list to my friend before the movie. Cat food, other pet supplies, ATM, pharmacy, post office, library, and grocery store. I added gas to the list as we went along.

We got most of the errands done and headed home to jump start the car that needed to be moved for street cleaning. Thankfully, there was parking available.

I finished the rest of the errands and ended my day with watching Ella Enchanted. It had been a long time since I’d seen it. It was worth a rewatch. I have heard that it follows the book pretty well, so I may need to read it at some point.

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