Driving vs reading

I listen to audiobooks in the car.  Depending on the length of the book, it takes 2-3 weeks to get through one, usually.  I don’t always have an audiobook going.  I sometimes make phone calls.  I sometimes listen to podcasts.  Sometimes, I have nothing on the radio at all, if traffic is bad.  I do love the Bluetooth in my car, though.  I get a lot accomplished.  Especially since my commute is long some days.

Last night, I was reading an actual paper book while chatting with a friend between chapters.  I was flying through the book, and I had mentioned it.  He told me that I would probably finish it on the way to work today.  I may be crazy, but I am not crazy enough to try to read a paper book on the way to work.

I have seen other drivers do some strange things during heavy traffic, and sometimes not so heavy traffic.  Read the newspaper.  Read a paper map.  Put on eyeliner at 80 mph.  Hold a cellphone while talking into it.  Write what looks like a shopping list.  Lots of nose pickers.

Yesterday, it was raining.  I passed three accidents on the way home.  The first was just a fender bender and the drivers were chatting at the side of the road.  Another one was car vs car.  Three fire trucks were on the scene.  The car blocking the right lane had a broken axle.    The next accident was a SamTrans bus, a commuter van, and a small car.  Everything looked ok, other than the bus diagonally blocking the two right lanes.  The police were on the scene.  Reminders to be careful and pay attention.

This morning, there was an accident on the exit from the freeway to work.  I was stuck for a bit.  When I got to the accident, the tow truck was there already.  The police were blocking off the traffic and just a few cars were passing the accident at a time.  On the left.  Just as I got to the intersection, a car decided to try to pass the accident on the right.  I am so glad that I wasn’t there long enough to hear what the police were yelling at him.

Definitely, no paper books on the steering  wheel on my commute.  I would like to finish the book tonight, though.  But not in the car.


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