Worst cooks in America

A new season of “worst cooks in America” has started. I love this show. It makes me feel better about my own cooking skills.

Two professional chefs teach horrible cooks to cook. At the end of the series, they mostly have some kind of clue as to how to cook. But the beginning episodes, I spend a lot of time wondering how people can be so clueless.

One of the celebrity episodes shows everyone wondering what the unusual smell is. It turned out that someone had placed her notebook on a lit burner and set the notebook on fire.

Another episode, there was a group effort where they were making a cake, similar to a pineapple upside down cake. All was going well until they went to turn the cake out. They forgot a major step when the professional chef started yelling at them “on the plate! On the plate!” I don’t know where they thought the cake needed to go. Into someone’s hands?

Another tidbit I found funny was that a chef described the fishy nougat in a tuna sandwich. That does not sound delicious.

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