Prescription sunglasses

I decided to get prescription sunglasses for reading. On my upcoming trip, I plan to be poolside quite a bit, so the prescription sunglasses will help me with my book reading.

I had my appointment to pick out frames yesterday. I brought my daughter along for her opinions.

The optician warned me that I wouldn’t be able to see regular distances when I had the reading glasses on. Ummm, yes. I am not planning on walking and reading at the same time.

Then, what color frames. All of my other sunglasses have brown lenses so I went for brown. He brought me about twenty pairs. The first one I tried on was the winner. The others gave us giggles in some cases. No sunglasses that caused giggles will be worn.

Then I was asked about the color of the lenses. Ummm, I picked brown frames for the brown lenses. So, maybe brown?

Then to order a box of contacts. That was confusion because it’s a different prescription. I’ll have to have my eyes checked again in a few months when my prescription expires. Ok. No problem.

On the way out, I noticed a comic book store. We browsed there a long time. I loved the store, but most things were on the expensive side.

I ended up buying a couple of comic books from the 25¢ pile and a few from the new stack. Do comics count as books?

We got a text to go to the grocery store while we were out. No problem. It wasn’t our usual store, so it took us longer than usual.

We got home and my daughter cooked dinner. After dinner, I got into pjs and realized that it was only 6 pm. I was exhausted. I fought to stay up until a reasonable bedtime, but ended up crashing at 8:30. I guess I was really tired.

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