Book seat

I received a book seat for Christmas. I wanted one for a long time, but couldn’t justify the price. The reviews of the seat mentioned to add some marbles inside for weight so it wouldn’t tip over.

I took a look at the zipper, but it was child proofed. I would have had to open the seams to get the zipper open. I decided to try it without the marbles. It works beautifully.

The book, or kindle, can be positioned any way I want it. And it stays. The plastic thing to hold the book open easily moves to turn pages. I have to tip it a bit to see the last line of the kindle page, though. Minor issue.

I can lie down to read. I can put it on my lap. Wherever it settles is perfect. The only issue is that I still can’t see through the cat who wants to sit between my face and whatever I’m reading.

The currently shown position is comfy and shows my Snuggie. The cats love to fight over it. It’s apparently comfy for them, too. I suppose the book seat would be comfy, too, but I try to not let them try it out. Unfortunately, the tag shows in the photo, too.

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