Saturday at work

Yesterday, Saturday, I had to work in the morning. On my way in, I got a 8:00 am phone call. “Where are you?” I briefly thought about how that call might have woken me up if I wasn’t on my way to work, but I moved on. I dealt with the issue and continued on toward work. I got a second (actually fourth, since it took me phone calls to fix the initial issue) phone call with a mini problem at work. Still smooth sailing.

The early morning patients arrived early for their appointments, and the late morning patients arrived late for their appointments, so we ended up with a gap in the middle of the day.

I was meeting a friend, but she wasn’t coming until later, so I took myself to lunch at had chilequiles and a margarita.  Very satisfying.

My friend and I went to see On the Basis of Sex.  It was a wonderful movie.  The theater was unexpectedly packed.

I ended up late for my extended family’s dinner, but I got there in a reasonable amount of time.  It was enjoyable and we got home after dinner, before it started pouring again.

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