What day of the week is this?

With the holidays and the weekend work, I have had no idea what day of the week it has been. I just get up and assume I need to go to work and go from there.

Usually, at work, Tuesdays are the weigh in and check in days. The last two weeks, we’ve had Tuesday holidays, so this stuff is done on a different day. Friday the first week, Thursday the second. My patients were confused and asked me what day it was. I had to admit that I was just going with, and not really knowing.

My co-worker told me on Thursday afternoon about a meeting. We’re going to have it on Friday instead of tomorrow. Ummm, tomorrow is Friday. I was glad I wasn’t the only confused one.

I forgot three non work-related appointments in the last two weeks, because I didn’t know what day it was. The weekends and weekdays blurred together.

Yesterday was the last scheduled working Saturday for a while. Thank goodness. I can get back to my regularly scheduled crazy schedule.

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