A trip downtown

When I went to see A Bronx Tale a few weeks ago, I noticed that there was a brick and mortar store for the art store we order from. We decided to go there instead of paying shipping on the class supplies we need for the upcoming semester.

The train ride there was uneventful. We decided we were hungry enough to eat early. We got koja. Yum.

We walked down to the art supply store and picked up the majority of what we needed. Then we sat in the canvas area and did fake math to figure out what to buy. We also decided to mail order the huge sketch book and the canvas stretcher bars so we didn’t have to lug them home on the train.

On the way back, we saw a pigeon hanging out on the street, but it found a little nook in the side of a building. Small children were stopping to point at it. Smart pigeon to stay out of the way of foot traffic.

We stopped at the restroom in the mall and there was a woman who had bypassed the line and was busy telling herself, and anyone else who would listen, about how it’s unacceptable that she should have to wait because she’s going to wet her pants.

We went to Beard Papa to get cream puffs for the family and my co-workers.

We caught the train to the station near home, since our own train was going to be later. I like doing this so that I can catch uber if the train is really really delayed. I released another book crossing book into the train station.

Our train came. It was one of the new Siemens trains. They are designed so that you can put more standing people on. No one is comfortable on them. The seats are too big for two people and too small for three to sit comfortably. The holding rails are too close to the seats, so standing people have to almost stand in the laps of the seated people. The stop request buttons are only by the doors and there is only one emergency stop button. They are loud when you are outside and they pass by. Who designed these things?

When we get a little closer to home, a lady got on, singing. She had her phone in her hand, so I assumed she had headphones on. When I looked again, I realized that she had cotton balls stuffed in her ears. She must have just been singing.

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