New book light

I misplaced my book light when I did my new years Eve cleanup. I ordered a new one, but I also ordered a bigger one to clip next to the bed. At least I will be able to read at night and it’s too big to get lost. Plus it has a plug so it’s even more difficult to lose. I can finally get back to my paper books and my book stack at night.

The first task was getting it out of the box. I had a helper. Inky decided that the box was for her. She kept trying to squeeze herself into the box, even though the light was still in it. As you can see, the box is only slightly bigger than her head, so she wasn’t having much luck, even once the light was out of the box.

After cat and lamp removal, I managed to hit something on the light and turn it on. There are four settings. Off, dim, medium, and blindingly bright. I managed to get it stuck on blindingly bright. It’s a rechargeable light, so it wasn’t like I could unplug it and turn it off. So I went to the last resort – reading the instructions.

The instructions were basic. First touch, minimum. Second touch, medium. Third touch, maximum. Great. How do you turn it off? Where is the switch? Not in the instructions.

I managed to find where the charging plug goes. Great, I can keep it on blinding light forever. Not really an option. The instructions say that it will keep it’s charge for 8 hours. Ok. Good. I can leave it blinding me for 8 hours and then hope it finally dims?

Eventually, I found the darn sensor switch. On the clip base, not on the head of the light where I was expecting it. Why didn’t it tell me that in the instructions? I found out that the fourth touch is off. Wasn’t in the instructions, either.

If these things were straightforward, I wouldn’t have a story to tell. Right?

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