A trip to the dentist

Long story short, I postponed fillings until the start of the new insurance year. I needed nitrous, so I brought mom along to drive me home. I never feel well after dental work.

When my daughter found out where I was going, she texted me her schedule and asked me to make her an appointment. Done! Check! Then my cleaning appointment. Must be with MY hygienist. Had to wait a week or so to get in with her. But, done! Check! I made sure my other daughter was set up for her next appt, too. Check! Yay!

The dentist was running late, so I had time to wait in the waiting room with mom. She was talking to me, but the guy in the chair near us was snoring so loudly, we couldn’t hear each other. It was beautiful, but I couldn’t sing along. He was off key.

I got into the chair and they tried to take my blood pressure, but I was bundled up. It was touch and go for a minute who would win, the sweatshirt or the blood pressure cuff. The blood pressure was a tad high, but I was nervous so it wasn’t unexpected.

The procedure went smoothly. I was told to go home and lie down. I tried, but I always have something to do at home. Tonight included the hunt for dad’s jar of cashews and the clean up of another broken Pyrex baking dish.

I did manage to get into bed early, but not actually sleep for a while. Then slept until my bladder told me to wake up. Three hours before the alarm. Of course.

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