Art show

My daughter and I will be showing work in an art show starting next week. I scrambled to get everything ready with hanging hardware and finishing the edges, etc. I could drop off on December 27 or 28 only, between 10 and 4. I knew that the 28th would be tough because of work, so I went on the 27th, after I got off work.

I arrived at around 2 and saw members of my class and the art club standing around. The building was locked. No one answered the phone for the building. No one had a phone number for the organizer. Great.

I told the president of the art club that I couldn’t get back there tomorrow. She offered to drop our pieces off for me. Then we emailed the organizer to find out what happened.

It turned out that the gallery closed for the week between Christmas and New Year, so it was closed. They forgot to tell the organizer that they scheduled our drop off day while they were closed, so they moved it to January second. The show starts on the third. Should be a fun, rushed setup.

3 thoughts on “Art show

  1. But you missed the art show . I would be a little torqued. YOU BETTER GET HERE AND UNLOCK THIS DOOR. You should post the art here for all to see.


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