Are you driving for uber now?

I had planned to meet with friends for a stocking exchange before Christmas. One of the women had shoulder surgery so she couldn’t drive. I picked her up and we went together to the meeting spot. We had a wonderful brunch.

While I was at brunch, I messaged another friend who lived nearby. We have been trying to see each other for months. She said that she couldn’t go out, but I was welcome to drop by while she was making tamales. So I did. We talked for a short time and then I made myself scarce so she and her family could have family time.

I called another friend and crashed her quiet day. At some point, I realized that I had my uncle’s Christmas gift in my trunk and it was the cause of the noise in my car. I texted my uncle and found out that he was going to home.

I got to my uncle’s just as halftime was starting on the Army Navy game. Ooops. I dropped off the gift and chatted until the end of halftime. I headed home. I got a text later telling me that the game had a record score and I was thanked for visiting, etc. Maybe I’m good luck?

I mentioned to a friend about how my day was going and where I went… “Are you driving for Uber now?” Commenting on the miles I put in. For locals, it was SF to Fremont to Newark to one end of Hayward to the other to San Jose and then back to SF. Phew.

I did get my audiobook almost finished, at least.

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