Trip to library

I went to the library to pick up holds.  On the way back, I stopped for lunch.  After lunch, I went down to the station to head home.  The announcement was “I don’t know what you people are waiting for.  The trains aren’t running in the tunnel.  Go upstairs and catch the above ground train.”  Very polite.

A little old man started following me.  He couldn’t understand the announcement, so he followed me to the upstairs train.  He was chasing me with an open umbrella so I wouldn’t get wet.  I was having an adventure.  I got the gentleman and me onto the train, heading the right direction.  We took the train to the end of the line, in the pouring rain.  When I got off, I had to reorient myself and I found out that the underground train was running from that station.  I found my little gentleman friend.  He had found a friend who knew him, and what train he needed to catch.  She spoke enough English to assure me that he was ok.

It’s always an adventure on public transportation.

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