Dinner with a friend

Last week, I went downtown to have dinner with a friend. We’ve been trying for months to get our schedules together, so it was really important.

As I left the house, dad asked “Are you taking Inky with you? She wants to go with you.” Nope. A cat on public transportation and then downtown? No thank you.

I got on the train to be greeted by a woman with a box of the biggest cuties I have ever seen. I resisted the urge to tell her “your cuties are huge!”

Just before we entered the tunnel to go downtown, we were thrown off the streetcar since it had reached its final stop. What? No it didn’t, but ok. I walked to the next stop to get on the next train and ended up back on the same train I had just gotten off of.

As we traveled further along, I saw a guy with red sequin tie, blue long sleeved shirt with white fur cuffs and tinsel edging, with a grey fur shawl. I would have liked to ask his story, but I didn’t have the courage.

Finished an audiobook on the train ride.

It was very crowded union square. I really wanted to yell at people to move, but didn’t. My friend was proud of me.

We went to the cheesecake factory where we waited an hour for our appetizers, so we got them comped. Crab and artichoke dip. Yum.

I had the Thai chicken and shrimp with coconut curry, peanut sauce, and brown rice. Delicious.

After dinner, it was late so we both headed home. According to the schedule, my friend’s train was arriving first. We were waiting for friend’s train which was going other direction. His train arrived, so I turned around to wait for mine. My train arrived at the same time. Perfect!

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