Tupperware base and lid match

I usually work hours which allow me to eat a late lunch at home, instead of eating it at work.  The last few weeks, I have been working longer and later hours, so I have had to eat lunch at work.  I am rarely prepared, so I tend to purchase it at the cafeteria at work.  This doesn’t work well for calorie counting, nor my budget.

Last night, I thought ahead about what was leftover in the fridge at home.  I had leftover chicken and pasta from the night before last.  Not enough for the family to share.  So, it got put into my lunch bag.  I realized that I didn’t want to put Parmesan cheese on the pasta ahead of time, so I started looking for a small container.  I found the right sized container almost immediately.  Then came the task of finding the lid.

The lids are stored separately, so that they kind of stack and take up less room.  I pulled out a lid that I thought was close to the size I needed, expecting to have to hold it up to future pulled out lids to compare size.  Nope!  I found it first try!  That never happens.

It’s always a good day when your lid fits your base, and it’s found on the first try.

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