You are in charge of your own happiness

I have had people whine at me about not being happy. Not happy with their lives. Their spouses. Their children. I ask them “what are you doing about it?” Most of these whines come at me from online sources.

“I am bored.” What makes you happy? Do that. Reading – go to the library, order a book online and read it, or just find an ebook to read on your phone. Hiking – go for a hike. Swimming – find somewhere to swim. Movies – go to the theater. The list goes on.

“I am alone.” Well, if you’re complaining to someone online instead of going out to meet people, you’re going to continue to be alone. Go to a coffee shop, library, gym, etc. Where there are people.

Think about what is making you unhappy. Then think about ways you can change that, and do it. Nothing is going to change if you don’t make a change.

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