God friended me

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there are a few shows that I like and make sure I don’t miss. I found God friended me this season. It’s about an atheist pastor’s son, Miles, who got a Facebook friend request from an account with the name of “God.” The owner of the account sends friend suggestions for people who need help.

Each week, Miles and his friend, Cara, search out the friend suggestions while their friend, Rakesh, who does something with computers and coding, tries to figure out who is behind the God account. They suspect someone with a code name “Falken.”

This week, Rakesh and Cara lost the online trail for Falken and had to go research the old fashioned way. At the library!

I am such a nerd that I got so excited about the youngsters knowing how to look things up in the library without a librarian’s help. I understand that part of their ease in finding what they were looking for is the writers making it look easier to get on with the story.  Artist license, I suppose.

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