Figuring out the new to me car

I recently got a new to me car. Good shape. Only a couple of years old. My previous car was 15 years old. So, the cars work very differently.

The first different thing that I noticed in the new car is the fact that there’s no thermostat. I am used to my old car overheating. How am I going to know when and if the new one is going to? Minor.

The new car has a bluetooth radio.  I’m not used to that, either.  I am loving it, though, because I can listen to my library audiobooks through it.  The AM radio doesn’t work well, but it’s apparently a problem with the antenna.  It is covered under warranty, but I am going to wait until something else needs repair, so I don’t have to pay the deductible twice.

The lights are automatic, but I turn them on manually, anyhow.  The gas tank is smaller than I’m used to, but it gets so much better mileage than my previous car, I’m still filling it twice a week, but I’m not paying as much at fillups.

The main thing that is taking some getting used to is the rear windshield wipers.  The window is shaped a little differently from previous cars, so I use the rear wipers a lot.  The first day of rain, though, they scared me.  I was driving along in pouring rain, needing the windshield wipers.  I had to stop at the library to return books.  I went to parallel park in front of the library, and started to back into the spot.  The rear windshield wipers were on!  I never turned them on.  I couldn’t have done it by accident, because I would have had to turn the knob.  It’s impossible to hit with your hand by mistake, like the front ones are.  It took me a few minutes to realize that when the windshield wipers are on, and I put the car into reverse, the rear wipers go on.  Amazing.

I told the story to my youngest daughter, and it turns out that she went through the same thing, about an hour later than I did.  Learning a new car is interesting to everyone, I guess.

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