A Bronx Tale

I was offered a free ticket to see A Bronx Tale with a friend. I jumped at the chance. I was free in the morning before I was supposed to have a Christmas celebration at my aunt’s house.

The night before, my daughter had a dance performance and as it was finishing, I got a text that I would need to go to work the day of the play. Because of both the play and the Christmas celebration, I really couldn’t unless it was early or late. My co-worker was out of town, so she wouldn’t be available until the next day. Therefore, late it was.

I got a call early morning, from my manager, confirming that I’d have to go in. So much for sleeping in a little.

I got onto the train, with about fifty people dressed as Santa. It was noon and they were very obviously drunk already. It was obvious that my quiet reading time on the train was not happening today. After a few texts to friends and an internet search, I found out that Santa con was happening today, and they’d be getting off at the same stop as me. I got serenaded with loud, off key, drunken Christmas carols mixed with drunken rounds of “hey! Everyone shut up!” No one did.

Santas and I got off at our stop. I still had walking to do, and an hour to meet my friend. I saw which way Santas were walking and I went the other direction to find lunch.

I found that my favorite Thai place had closed, so I had to look around. I found a koja place. Koja is like a sandwich, but it uses rice instead of bread. I was very, very happy with my choice. I had a pulled pork koja, and it was delicious! I recommended the place to my friend, and she’d been looking for a place that had them, other than food trucks.

After lunch, I went outside to find the beginning point for my walk. I saw a sign and thought that maybe it would be helpful. It was not.

I figured out the right direction and headed on my way. When I was almost to the theater, my friend texted that she had arrived. I told her where I was and she said she saw me and to turn around. I turned 180 degrees. Didn’t see her. So I continued to turn the full circle and walked toward the theater so I could turn my back to the theater and take a better look. I finally found her and her cousin who was joining us.

We were still super early, so we went to get coffee. We watched a long parade of Santas going by as we drank our coffee. Then we were joined by the pot smoker who was standing not very close, but was definitely causing the pot smell at the coffee shop. I managed to spill about a third of it down my cleavage. At least I was wearing black. No one could see my coffee, but everyone could smell it. I had forgotten perfume, so I guess this made up for it?

We got to our seats without any major issues. The show was wonderful. I had gone in without knowing what the story was about, but I had read that it started out as a one man show. As I was watching it, I could definitely see how it once was. The rest of the cast just made it that much more wonderful.

After the show, I jumped into an uber. We were delayed by the Santas again. I made it to my family’s Christmas celebration just as everyone else did. I had a nice visit with the family. I found out that one cousin was the EMT at the Santa con event and another was staying at a hotel smack in the middle of the Santas. I had to eat and run because of heading to work.

Work went smoothly other than me being in my dressier top and my manager being in full stage makeup, including false eyelashes. She’d had a singing performance right before going into work.

I got home at a reasonable hour and settled in quickly. I plan on getting up later than usual in the morning, before heading back to work again.

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