Eggnog latte

Starbucks has an amazing eggnog latte that is only available at some locations only during the holiday season. I allow myself 3 a season since they are so decadent. I have them cut the eggnog with nonfat milk so they aren’t so thick, but they are still calorific.

The few Starbucks locations that I usually go to haven’t carried it this season. That was fine with me, since I wasn’t tempted if I they don’t offer it. I had gotten an offer on my Starbucks card for one free holiday drink, but I was just letting it sit there, since I couldn’t get what I really wanted.

I took my daughter out earlier this week, and we ended up at a Starbucks location that we don’t usually visit.  They had the eggnog latte!  I had a free holiday drink!  Kismet!

I am still allowed 2 more this season.  The stars will have to align again for those two to happen.

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