Spam comments

I get a lot of spam comments. Many from online gaming sites. I am not sure why these posts would make someone think of online gaming, but ok. I delete them.

I get them from people looking for my email address or contact info. Those are usually from cspan or from foxnews. Somehow I think these are bogus, too.

My favorite ones are the ones offering to help me sell my product. Ummm… no product to sell, guys.

There are those who comment in Spanish, with nothing to do with the blog.

Finally, there are the ones that string a bunch of English words into almost understandable sentences.

I have had three actual comments. One was from a friend when I mentioned her in the posting, and the others were people who were truly commenting on a piece I wrote. Thank you!

Now if only I could do something about the spam voice mails who say they are canceling my social security number unless I push #1. On my voicemail, uh huh. Or the long winded messages left in Chinese. I’ve been told by others who get these messages that they are the equivalent of “you’ve won a prize! Give me your bank account number and we’ll transfer it to you.” Not falling for that, either, even if I could understand it.

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