Rearranging and projects

It’s been raining here. We have dogs. Therefore, we have muddy paws coming into the house. Occasionally, those muddy paws take a detour. That happened this week, so I had muddy foot prints on my bedding. I get to wash them a day early.

I am supposed to be finishing my book for sci fi bookclub, but I keep adding to the agenda. I am getting the book read, but slowly. I have one thing on the agenda that needs to be done at a certain time, but everything else is fluid.

I read a chapter, did a task, read some more. I got laundry done, my room rearranged, my glasses were found. The tasks mostly got done, but the reading didn’t get finished. I got to my dinner on time, mostly because my co-worker offered to drive if I went to her house first.

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