Bookclub 11/28

It was raining the night we were going to discuss The Incendiaries at the local book club. I went early to get parking and to make sure I wasn’t late. I also had about ten minutes left in my audiobook, so I didn’t feel strange waiting in my car in front of the house.

I finished my audiobook and was still about fifteen minutes early. I heard someone else go in, so I decided fifteen minutes wasn’t too bad.

The hostess greeted me and so did her small dog. The hostess had just rescued her a month before. She was adorable. I sat down and instantly had a dog in my lap. For me, this wasn’t really a problem. I told the apologizing hostess that it happens at home, too, but the dogs at home are much bigger.

Everyone brings snacks to this bookclub. There were eight of us, so there were three bottles of wine and a table full of snacks. The hostess brought out an electric corkscrew and asked if anyone knew how to use it. One gentleman gave it a shot, with no luck. It turned out that it hadn’t been charged. There was an old fashioned one, but no one knew how to use that one, either.

I managed to open the screw top wine, so we got into that. One woman kept running in and out of the room, during the book discussion, still attempting to open the other two bottles of wine. She attempted to put the bottle in a shoe and and bang it on the front stairs. She tried the old fashioned bottle opener. She put the electric corkscrew on the charger. Nothing. Finally, she got a kitchen strainer and pushed the corks into the bottle, and poured through the strainer. Success! And now she wasn’t a distraction anymore, and they had wine.

I had gotten the book from the library and had already had to return it, so I didn’t have it for reference during the discussion. The rule for the bookclub is that if you suggest the book, you’re moderating the discussion. The person who had to lead the discussion had never been to a bookclub meeting of this group. He didn’t realize that he was just supposed to keep the discussion flowing. He gave a fifteen minute speech about the author’s background. It was very nice, but unexpected, and the attempts at wine openning were distracting from the speech.

Of the eight of us who attended bookclub, only two liked the book. I did not. Next month, we skip bookclub, and I’m already finished with January’s book, so I’m good to go.

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