Polar bear in a snowstorm

My feline alarm clock adjusted her timing. This morning, I slept until 5:30 when my bladder took over as the backup alarm.

I got back in bed and inky followed me back. Usually at that time of day, she’ll climb up and back under the covers. She’ll be completely covered other than her head which is sharing my pillow with me. I always want to take a photo, but taking a picture of a black cat at night is similar to the polar bear in a snowstorm pictures.

Inky decides that today, she doesn’t need the blanket. She gets almost into position and just flops down heavily onto my left arm. If I’d been asleep, it would have woken me up. But, with a 14 pound weight on my arm, I wasn’t moving. She got up about three minutes after she decided that I got the message to stay in that position, and I slept the last hour or so until my actual alarm went off.

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