First day back after a long weekend

After 4 days off for the Thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t know what to do with myself when the alarm went off this morning.  I rolled out of bed and did my usual routine, and headed out the door.  Everyone else seems to have gone back to work and school today, too.  Traffic was a mess.

I got to the parking lot at work and got a text from my coworker.  Two of the monitors were black, and she couldn’t get them going.  I started troubleshooting from the phone as I walked up to my department.  She was on the phone already, calling for outside help, when I walked in.  I took one look at the computers and turned them on.  All fixed.  I knew it was going to be a Monday.

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly.  The last patient was late, and we learned that we would be working late tomorrow, though.  All in a day’s work.

I got an email for a free registration for a 5K.  I signed myself, my daughter, and two of her friends up for it.  It will be in May, so there’s plenty of time to get ready for it.  It is a foam glow one, so it will have black lights and soap bubbles.  We should be a mess by the end of it.  It ended up costing us each $10 for insurance, but it’s still cheap for a 5k.

After work, I met my daughter and her friend to practice driving.  Her friend has her driving test next week, and will be driving my car for it.  She did well with the practice drive.

School had been cancelled for the previous week and a half, due to air quality, so I went back to that, too.  I managed a mile in under 24 minutes, while reading my kindle on the treadmill.  My foot and lung are coming back.  I am getting there.

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