Trip to the ferry building

Last week, my oldest asked if we could go shopping at the ferry building. I said sure and we planned on it for Friday or Sunday. Because of the craziness that might have been black Friday, we chose Sunday. On Friday, a ferry crashed into the building. We weren’t there. I guess we made the right decision.

The day of the trip comes. I decided that I should probably not go in my pjs, so I got up and started getting ready. Distracto girl strikes! I had to pick up the paper towels that were left on the floor from the water spill that happened when I was in bed. Kid almost wiped it up, so I ignored it until morning.

I figured that I should eat something, but the sink was full of dishes, so I had to unload the dishwasher first. I found more glass from the Pyrex accident so I had to clean that up. I got distracted by a lot of things until we were ready to leave at noon.

I got reading done on the first leg of the journey. We decided to make a quick detour to the spice and tea store at pier 39. That was another train ride down the Embarcadero. On the train, there were two young men discussing the accident at the ferry building last week. One was convinced that it was a train that hit the ferry building, and not a ferry. He tried to blame Trump for his misinformation. They got off soon after that, so I’m not sure how he thought Trump was involved at all.

We made it to the tea and spice shop. We each got a cup of tea, and we bought several more packets of tea leaves. I got my ghost pepper salt, which is why we went there. On the way out, we got some bath salts at a different shop. Then we waited for the train back to the ferry building.

I love how they will only give you predictions as to what time the train will come.

On the train, a passenger asked the driver if he’d pass Market Street. I guess he will, since the tracks go there.

We looked at the stores at the ferry building. We got Mom’s gluten free desserts.

Mushroom farm hunting went well. This is the reason we went to the ferry building in the first place. We got a mini grey tree mushroom farm, and we got a shiitake mushroom farm.

We went into the book store and looked at the staff recommendations. It was so crowded that I didn’t look fully. We didn’t get anything there. Just ideas.

Gott’s was our next stop. Lunch was great. I got a blue cheese turkey burger with no bun. My daughter got a green chile burger. We shared Brussels sprouts and garlic fries.

We stopped at the cheese store on the way out. We didn’t want refrigerated stuff to go bad while we were still shopping.

My daughter got duck fat pecan pie topped with brown butter ice cream. I took a bite of each. It was delicious, but I liked the ice cream better than the pie.

We got to the station to catch the train home. 20 minute delay on one line. A 40 minute delay on the other. So, we took the train that got us within ten blocks of home. My daughter called my mom to retrieve us. Grandma to the rescue!

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