Still life at the station

As I am headed into the station, I see this still life set up. No one seems to be its owner, though. One shoe on top of the other. An orange placed next to it. The leaves were just blown in. No painter to capture its beauty.

This was toward the end of the adventure. I had gone to the main library to see what was going on today. When I got there, I realized that I had a caffeine withdrawal headache and sat in the coffee shop after I returned my books. I could see the stairs from where I was and a woman with her nose in her phone came downstairs. She managed to get to the landing, but didn’t seem to realize that there were three more stairs to go down before she hit the ground floor. Boom. Splat. Onto The marble floor. The lady started crying out, but several people gathered around and someone got the security guard. She was up and moving within a minute, but we couldn’t leave the area because everyone’s statements were being taken. Thankfully, I didn’t have anything pressing on the agenda.

I didn’t meet many crazy people on today’s adventure. The library’s town crier was out in front of the Asian art museum. No tissues hanging from his nose today. I guess he needed a change of scenery?

I passed a homeless guy trying to explain to someone that L Ron Hubbard was originally a sci fi writer and why should he be allowed to start his own religion? I was tempted to stick around for the semi one sided discussion, but decided to move along with my day.

I also saw a gentleman having an argument with what looked like a piece of wadded up paper towel. He kept picking it up and throwing it forcefully to the ground. I think he lost the argument.

I got home with no new library books. I also didn’t step foot in the bookstore. No new books came home with me. We won’t discuss the Amazon black Friday book sale yesterday, though.

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