Late Thanksgiving dinner

My youngest daughter had to work on Thanksgiving, so she missed out on the actual dinner. She wanted leftovers and the big traditional dinner, so I went shopping for the ingredients.

We were having turkey and stuffing and gravy. Mashed and sweet potatoes. Cranberry sauce and pies. I could do all of these with no recipe, except for the sweet potatoes. I got a recipe for it from my cousin and headed off to the grocery store.

I shopped the day after Thanksgiving, so I didn’t have the luxury of everything being in the same area in the front of the store. I had to hunt.

I found the turkey first. They had several 12 pound turkeys. I grabbed one of them instead of a $80 bigger turkey. The stuffing mix was nearby. I found just about everything right where I thought it would be. I was almost finished, hunting for canned cranberry sauce, when I heard from my mom. I had lightbulbs added to the list. And laundry soap. And since this was the day that I found the sock in my shirt, drier sheets.

I made it to the checkout without forgetting anything. The bagger was confused because I explained that she could put the laundry soap in whatever bag it would fit in. She didn’t want the food to get perfumy. I explained that I was going straight home and it didn’t matter. I didn’t want to pay for an extra bag.

I fit everything into the fridge. I went over the game plan with my oldest. I put the menu on the wipe off board on the fridge. All set.

I started with the cranberry sauce. It was easy and needed to cool before dinner. I fixed my lunch while it cooked. Things were going well.

I did the stuffing next. Cutting up celery and onion. Mixing and putting it into a pan. Just as I was finishing, the turkey needed to go in the ocven. A gravy pan went in, too.

I started cutting up sweet potatoes and checking the recipe. The oven started smoking a bit, but I didn’t think much of it.

I got the sweet potatoes cooking on the stove and started washing potatoes. My daughter came down to see what was going on. The gravy pan was smoking. She pulled it out of the oven and put it on the stove. Boom. Pyrex exploded. Thankfully not into the other food.

We cleaned that up and continued on. Potatoes going. Turkey out. Sweet potatoes transferred to the oven pan and marshmallow topped.

It was finally time to take the sweet potatoes out. The dish I’d used was more shallow than I thought. The marshmallows had expanded in the oven and had run down the side of the dish. When I took the dish out of the oven, one of the pot holders stuck to the dish. Stuck stuck. It was not going anywhere. I decided I couldn’t worry about it and called it my own personal touch.

After dinner, at cleanup, I had my daughter hold the empty sweet potato dish while I pulled the pot holder stuck to the side. It took effort, but we released it. I hope the marshmallows aren’t a permanent addition to the dish. It’s soaking in the sink until tomorrow.

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