Acquiring a Passport, Part 2

My marriage certificate arrived in the mail. Finally. I had a passport appointment for 11/28, but they had a couple of appointments available this week, and next week is a busier week at work, so it made sense to move it up. Plus, it would give me a couple of extra days to ensure that the passport is here on time for my trip.

I got the paperwork and fees together, and went to my appointment after work. I had a tshirt with writing on it, so I intended to change it before the appointment, but I forgot.

I got to the post office and it was empty. It was pouring rain, so I think that kept people away, plus it was the day before Thanksgiving. Other stuff came first, I guess.

I handed over all my paperwork and my driver’s license. Everything was checked. Phew. All in line. Ready to be processed.

I had my photo taken. It didn’t show the writing on my shirt, thankfully. But it’s an awful photo. Definitely me, though. I could have taken it over, but what the heck. Who’s really going to see it?

I was trying to decide if I should get a passport card, too. I found out that I can fly domestically with it, instead of a real ID. I was there, with all my paperwork, so why not?

I paid all my fees and now I wait. In the meantime, we are getting the excursions ready and all the trip lined up. I’m adding to my kindle and deciding if I’m going to bother to bring paper books with me, in case the kindle fizzles. I am waiting impatiently.

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