Someone peed in my shoe

Life is always interesting when you are a pet owner. Our dogs pretty much live upstairs with my kids. The cats are mostly downstairs with me. It is best that we separate them since our older cat is constantly being chased by our older dog. Our younger cat has figured out that the younger dog won’t chase her if she doesn’t move. The younger dog is terrified of both cats.

I left my shoes in the bathroom overnight one night.  When I got up in the morning, someone had peed in one of my shoes.  I have already decided that the pee did not come from a gecko, a frog, a crab, a shrimp or a fish.  I have it narrowed down to one of these four.  Thankfully, I had another pair of shoes that I could wear while the first pair got washed and dried.  I have my suspicions about who did the shoe-peeing, but not one of them is talking.  I am sure they all know who did it, but won’t tattle on their housemate.


Mini is our watch cat. She bravely sits at her post and warns us whenever something might be happening. The dogs come downstairs and Mini bravely watches them. The puppy cries and whines and hides when she sees that Mini is looking at her.  Mini waits until everyone has lights out and climbs up and down the stairs, riling up the dogs.  I think she’s just teasing them.

Mini isn’t a big fan of people, but she has adopted my mom.  Mini alerts us at 4 am if she hasn’t seen mom in a while.  She will sleep on my bed with me if I don’t look at her or accidently touch her.  She is great to read around because she doesn’t bother me unless she needs feeding and my mom isn’t around to do it.

Inky looks terrifying, but it’s just because of her coloring and the fact that she’s old and tired of putting up with stuff. She is actually a big chicken and hides under the bed when the dogs come downstairs. Then she’ll whine and growl for a while, even after they’ve left.

She is my lap warmer, sleeping buddy, reading buddy, etc.  She informs me when it’s time for me to nap, and for when I need cat kisses.  She complains if I disagree.


Doris had a rough life before we got her, according to the trainer.  When we got her, she had just been separated from her puppies and was having some psych issues.  We think she doesn’t see well at night, and she is the clumsiest dog I have ever met.  She falls up the stairs, hits her head on things, and generally trips over nothings.  She has the dorkiest run.  She apparently learned to chase cats during the two years that we didn’t know her, and knows to bark at EVERYTHING.

She loves to lick the upper left corner of my book or Kindle when I read.  She loves attention and sleeping near warm bodies.  She loves belly rubs and kissing faces.


Molly.  Oh, Molly.  Puppies should not be this large.  Molly is clumsy, but it is only that she grew so quickly.  She’s a slow runner, but tries to keep up with Doris anyhow.  She is great at getting a toy and hanging on to it.  She’s too smart for her own good, and is very food motivated.  At the dog parks, she is very submissive.  It is funny to watch her play with a small dog.  She rolls over on her back and just lets them do what they want to.  She is constantly nibbled on, but she’s used to that because of Doris.  Molly plays hard and loves to run, but isn’t good at it.  She’s a good girl when she’s not distracted by potential food, and is listening.

If I read around Molly, I have to read out loud.  She does nothing quietly, and wants to make sure that you are talking to her.  She’s happy if you are looking at her, but it’s difficult to read and look at a puppy at the same time.  If you aren’t paying enough attention to her, she nibbles your ears and stands on your shoulders and head.



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