Post #100!

I have hit post #100.  When I started this blog, I planned on just writing about books. I didn’t think I would enjoy writing at all.  I didn’t think I would have any followers.  I was pretty much doing it for myself, with the nudge from a publisher who wanted me to read new author’s work and review them in exchange for a copy of the book.

I have received only one book in the time that I’ve been writing the blog.  The rest has all been for fun.  Who knew?  Writing could be fun.  When I figured out to relax about it, and just go, it went much more easily.

I never expected to have any followers.  I have a few.  It is nice to know that someone reads my rambling thoughts.  Thank you, everyone who follows me.

I make time daily to jot down a few thoughts.  Sometimes, only a title gets written.  Sometimes a whole post gets written at once.  I try to publish at least one post a day.  Some days I have a lot to say.  Some days, only a few sentences.  It all depends on my schedule and mood.

Again, thank you everyone who takes the time to follow, read, like and comment.


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