Finish two before adding one

My goodreads “currently reading” list is long. Yes, I really am reading all of those books. I am working on each of them for different reasons. Book club, group challenge, just because I’m enjoying the book, an audiobook for the car, etc.

I will update the books as I make progress in them.  Sometimes it feels like it’s a page at a time, but it’s forward progress, so it counts.

Now that I am getting almost caught up on my annual challenge, I am finishing several books a week, mostly because I have so many that I am well into.

I am still adding to the “currently reading” list, because of bookclub books, and group challenges for Goodreads, but I am trying to not start anything new unless it’s necessary.  My new rule of thumb is to finish 2 before starting a new one.  It’s a little difficult with the new challenges coming up, and when it’s an audiobook I finish, there’s an audiobook to start right away.  I will try to pare it down, and hopefully, I’ll get the majority of the books I have started into the “read” list, soon.

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